La Turka Lunch Menu

12pm till 4pm every day except Sundays

Mixed Bruschetta Platter£;5.95

Caramelised onion and goats cheese. Turkish chorizo, rocket and garlic mayo. Salmon and herbed cream cheese. Humus topped with a bruschetta mix.

Chicken Borek£;9.95

A traditional Turkish filo pastry, filled with chicken, mushroom, potato and parsley in a cream sauce. Served with mixed salad and fries.

Chicken Fillet Battered in Egg and Grated Potato£;9.95

Served on a cheesy Mediterranean veg tortilla, with a dressed mixed house salad.

Stuffed Roast Chicken£;9.95

Stuffed with sundried tomato and mozzarella. Served with Mediterranean fiery rice.

Goats Cheese£;7.95

On a bed on rocket accompanied with homemade onion chutney and ciabatta.

Beef Burger£;8.95

With caramelised onion and honey mustard dressing (cheese optional).

Chicken Burger£;8.95

With mayo (cheese optional).

Veggie Burger£;7.95

With relish.


All our burgers are served with lettuce, tomato and onions. Accompanied with skinny fries, onion rings, pickled gherkins and chillies.

Mixed Meze Platter£;7.60

A delicious and substantial selection of hot and cold starters consisting of humus, aubergine salad, spinach with yoghurt, stuffed vine leaves, Turkish sausage, halloumi, feta cheese triangles and Circassian chicken. Vegetarian option also available.

Sea Food Tapas£;19.95

Prawn cocktail, salmon bruschetta, calamari and tempura butterfly king prawns. Served with a mixed house salad and pitta bread. 


Meat Feast Tapas£;17.95

Spicy Turkish sausage, rustic meatballs, homemade lamb stuffed vine leaves, and spicy chicken wings. Accompanied with a mixed house salad and pitta bread.

Vegetarian Tapas£;14.95

Stuffed vine leaves, humus, halloumi and falafel with yoghurt dip. Served with a mixed house salad and pitta bread.

Grilled Cajun Chicken Wrap£;6.95
Sweet Chicken Wrap£;6.95
Homemade Donner Wrap£;6.95

With yoghurt dressing.

We serve all our wraps with skinny fries and a dressed mixed house salad.