Wine & Champagne

Sparkling Wines (Italy)


Fresh, crisp & aromatic ultra-premium prosecco with a pale straw colour. It is more than a match for any champagne.


Brilliant sparkling rosé that is fresh, harmonious, delicate and persistent.


PROSECCO EXTRA DRY£;19.95/4.95 (glass)

Fine, persistent, soft fizz surrounds a fruit spectrum of apple, pear with a hint of peach.



Light, carnation-pink coloured rosé with generous raspberry and strawberry fruit.


Champagnes (France)


A light, fresh, vigorously youthful Champagne with a fine, elegant, slightly lemony nose, lively mousse and long, crisp palate.


Delicious summer berry fruit aromas with citrus undertones and a fresh lingering finish.


Dynamic, fresh and lively, showing white flowers, grapefruit and notes of pineapple and honey.


Reflecting the traditions of the past, this is full, yet dry and has a rich, creamy style with biscuity flavours.

House Wines (Italy)

PINOT GRIGIO WHITE £;13.95 (Bottle) £3.99 (175ml) £4.99 (250ml)

Delicate and crisp with bags of citrus fruit.

PINOT GRIGIO ROSE £;13.95 (Bottle) £3.99 (175ml) £4.99 (250ml)

Light, fresh and with a dry, summery finish.

MERLOT£;13.50 (Bottle) £3.99 (175ml) £4.99 (250ml)

Fruity plummy wine with a tannic bite.

White Wines

ALTORIAS SAUVIGNON BLANC - Central Valley, Chile£;15.95 (Bottle) £4.10 (175ml) £5.55 (250ml)

Fragrant aromas of lemon and gooseberries with a zesty finish.

GEYSER PEAK CHARDONNAY - California £;19.90 (Bottle) £4.95 (175ml) £6.70 (250ml)

A crisp, lemony unoaked Chardonnay from California’s sunny Central Valley. A wine full of ripe tropical fruit flavours and excellent mouth feel.

CULLINAN VIEW CHENIN BLANC - Western Cape, South Africa £;15.95 (Bottle) £4.10 (175ml) £5.55 (250ml)

Clean and fragrant; medium dry & fresh white with plenty of light tropical fruit flavours.

NOBILO, SAUVIGNON BLANC - Marlborough, New Zealand £;23.95

Fresh and crisp with classic characters of gooseberry and tropical flavours. Excellent weight and mouth feel and dry, lingering finish.

TORRES VINA - Esmeralde Catalunya, Spain £;19.95

Crisp and elegant with a fresh easy drinking style. From the local Parellada variety.

WAIPARA HILLS SAUVIGNON BLANC - Marlborough, New Zealand £;19.95

A complex, powerful wine displaying the traditional Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc characters of gooseberry and nettles combined with rich herbal and tropical characters. Crisp, balanced finish.

CHABLIS, PAUL DELOUX - Burgundy, France £;27.90

Flowery, lively, fresh and mouth-watering with a crisp fruity palate and that flinty backbone only found in true Chablis.

Rosé Wines

CULLINAN VIEW CHENIN BLANC ROSE - Western Cape, South Africa £;14.95 (Bottle) £4.10 (175ml) £5.75 (250ml)

Deliciously fresh and creamy with peachy fruit character. A classic South African style.

WHISPERING HILL WHITE ZINFANDEL ROSE - California, USA £;16.45 (Bottle) £4.50 (175ml) £6.25 (250ml)

Golden Delicious apple and lemon on the nose: with a touch of peach and toast joining these on the palate.

Red Wines

BORSARI CABERNET SAUVIGNON - Italy £;15.95 (Bottle) £4.10 (175ml) £5.75 (250ml)

Bright, soft berry fruits with juicy damsons, a smooth, easy going red.

BERRI ESTATE SHIRAZ - South-eastern Australia £;16.95 (Bottle) £4.60 (175ml) £6.55 (250ml)

Medium-bodied and fruity with raspberry, cherry and plum, complemented by vanilla spices.

MARQUESDE MORANO RIOJA - CRIANZA TINTO RIOJA, Spain £;17.95 (Bottle) £4.85 (175ml) £6.70 (250ml)

Mazuelo adds a ripe cherry chunkiness to the smooth raspberries and cream style of Tempranillo.

CALLIA LUNARIS MALBEC - San Juan Argentina £;16.95 (Bottle) £4.90 (175ml) £6.55 (250ml)

Enticing aromas of cherry, plum with a background of warming spice, with freshness to the finish.

CULLINAN VIEW PINOTAGE - Western Cape, South Africa £;16.85

Vibrant rosé made in an off-dry style, lovely crisp zing with summer berry fruit flavours.


From the foothills of the Pyrenees, soft, lightly oaked cherries and blueberries with a hint of spice.

CHATEAUNEUF du PAPE - France £;28.95

A classic Chateauneuf with masses of power, strong berry fruit and warm spice with vanilla oak undertones.

Award Winning Turkish Wines


Turkish House Wines

Ephesus White Sultana£;14.95 (Bottle) £3.99 (175ml) £5.20(250ml)

It is produced from the nest selected Sultana grapes. Bright greenish yellow in colour. Intense; tropic
and ripe white fruit aromas on the nose. Concentrated, well-integrated fine tannins, elegant and long on the palate. It matches perfectly with chicken grill and grilled fish.

Ephesus Red Okuzgozu, Cabernet Sauvignon£;14.95 (Bottle) £3.99 (175ml) £5.20 (250ml)

It is produced from the elegantly picked Cabernet Sauvignon and Okuzgozu grapes. Bright lively sour
cherry in colour. Pronounced with dark red fruit aromas; sour cherry, red plum on nose. Well- balanced and round, soft tannins with long lasting fruit flavours on the palate. It matches well with grilled red meat and lightly spiced grills.

Ephesus Rose Calkarasi£;14.95 (Bottle) £3.99 (175ml) £5.20 (250ml)

It is produced from Calkarasi grapes. It has a lovely flavour of red fruit, especially strawberry. Due to the peculiarities of the soil and climate, there is a high natural acidity in the wine, which bestows very enjoyable freshness.

Red Wines

Villa Doluca Red Öküzgözü, Shiraz, Alicanté£;17.50

A classic Turkish red, blended from Okuzgozu, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. The Okuzgozu grape (the largest produced grape in Turkey) lends the wine its bright ruby colour with red fruit aromas of raspberries and cherries as well as hints of mint.

Yakut, Kavaklidere Boğazkere,Carignan,Alicante,Öküzgözü£;21.00

Yakut, the favourite red wine of Turkey. It is a distinctive red wine with rich aroma character, very well balanced with its soft flavours of cherry and ripe tannins. It is a very good match with any grilled meats. Award: UK Decanter World Wine Awards – 2013 – Silver

Selection Red, Kavaklidere Öküzgözü,Boğazkere£;24.95

Full-bodied and long with persistent flavours and strong ripe tannins on the palate and complex with dried red fruit aromas such as plum and spice aromas on nose. Award: Challenge International du Vin 2013 Bronze

Sarafin Merlot, Doluca Merlot£;26.95

The gentle sea breezes cool the vineyard enabling the Merlot grapes to linger on the vine developing their own unique softness and giving a rich, fruity and long lasting flavour to their wine. Sarafin Merlot is aged for 12 months’ in 225 lt French oak barrels. Award: Germany Mundus Vini 2011 – Silver

Pendore Syrah, Kavaklidere Syrah£;35.95

It is a full-bodied red wine, it has deep with ripe tannins and persistent flavours; long on the palate and rich and complex, with dark red fruit, black olive and sweet spice aromas; violet notes on the nose.
Award: Sommelier Wine Award 2014 Bronze.

White Wines

Villa Doluca White Sultaniye, Semillon£;17.50

This wine is aged in French oak barrels for eight months. It has a citrus, oral nose and leads with a buttery mouth filling taste and finishes with citrus, honey, and green apple notes. The wine is well balanced and easy to drink. The wine would pair nicely with chicken, calamari, or grilled fish.

Cankaya, Kavaklidere Emir, Narince, Sultaniye£;18.95

It is the best-selling wine in Turkey. It is a light-coloured, elegant, full-bodied, and very fresh wine. It matches well with all seafood, fish, chicken, and all kind of cheese and it can also be taken as a full flavoured aperitif. Award: UK International Wine Challenge – 2013 – Bronze

Selection White, Kavaklidere Narince,Emir£;24.95

Produced from Narince and Semillon grapes selected from their respective vineyards of Tokat and Thrace. It is a very lively wine with a nice panel of flavours. Its “bouquet” develops after two years and can last up to five years. Award: International Wine and Spirits Competition 2012 Bronze

Sarafin Chardonnay, Doluca Chardonnay£;27.95

After 12 months’ aging in 225 lt. French oak barrels the flavours and structure of the wine is maintained by applying limited filtration before estate bottling. Sarafin Chardonnay has a rich bouquet and complex, lasting flavour on the palate. Award: Germany Mundus Vini 2011 – Silver Medal.

Cote D Avanos, Kavaklidere Chardonnay, Narince£;35.95

It has full-bodied and elegant with rich aroma character, good acidity and length, creamy and long on the palate and complex with citrus fruit aromas, honey, floral and vanillin notes on the nose. Award: Selection Wine Challenge 2014 Silver.